The RasPi overclocks very easily; it’s just a matter of adding some text to a file called “config.txt” on the SD Card.

If you want to modify (or create) this file while you’re running OpenELEC, you just have to run these quick steps:

  • SSH in to the device
  • Mount the SD Card as Read-Write
    mount -o remount,rw /flash
  • Edit the file
    vi /flash/config.txt
  • Save
  • Reboot

With XBMC-Based installs, overclocking the CPU makes the most difference, and is the easiest to achieve.

Without over-volting (which voids the warranty), the sweet spot seems to be 850Mhz, which is added to config.txt as


If you want to dive much deeper on the quest for an optimal overclock, check these guys out.