I said that if we had at least 15 people in by the 21st.

There are only a few more hours until that deadline is up, and we’re almost there.

What we’re looking to accomplish:

  1. A server that downloads automatically, as soon as each episode is online
  2. the metadata is then automatically applied, and it becomes available to watch
  3. currently, the plan is to download everything in HD, and then shrink it if you want to watch it on a smaller device or with a weaker connection
  4. we plan to support all sorts of devices: RasPi, Roku, Laptops/Desktops, smart TVs, android, iPhone/iPad/iPad mini, and even a web interface for on the fly content grabbing
  5. everything will be documented on this blog, and in the private mailing list, so that anyone can set up a similar system

It’s worth noting as well, that so far the system would let you download anything you can watch, without drm or strange barriers thrown in your way.
Also, no ads. That means no popups, popunders, banners, etc.

There are all sorts of really interesting things to try as we really push the limits of what’s possible…

If you want in, send at least $20usd via PayPal to linkingparents@gmail.com.
If we do not hit 15, then all money will be refunded and I’ll move on to something else.

In case you’re curious, here’s a little background on why I’m a good choice for this project;
I’ve been in tech for over quite a few years, and have been running a server at home for almost all of that time. 90% of the work of the server has always been media, with quality climbing up slowly every time a new codec is released or I get my hands on more capable technology.
9-5 (or 6-9+), I’ve always worked best when directly plugged in to business owners on one side, and large-scale server setups on the other. This has given me the skills of strong documentation and communication. Usually going overboard on documenting the technical parts so that I can translate for the non-technical people more easily.
This will be my first community-funded project, and also the first public project that has grown organically from a personal project that really begs to be done right, from the ground up.
I’m looking forward to the journey, and to watching personal media take flight in to the clouds. (don’t worry; cheesy analogies are not standard lol)