A very interesting idea that’s in the queue for testing, is to tie in the external server to a service like bitcasa, using the server for file renaming, processing, and transcoding, and having the bulk of videos in the “infinite” storage.

This opens so many doors…

  1. Trying to find the right seedbox for your Plex server, but 1TB+ of storage is an extra $40? No problem!
  2. If you need to move servers; No problem!
  3. Need more horsepower for sharing personal videos? Add more servers to the same bitcasa folder!
  4. Want to tweak like crazy? Run the server off a smaller SSD: No Problem.

Of course, there are still unknowns, which is the best part

And, it’s being tested for Plex servers right now, meaning it’s mature enough to get our hands dirty with.

And, sometime soon, we’ll see how the landscape evolves when Mega brings storage back with a new focus on personal encryption.


I’m excited for 2013 to unfold.. Are you in?

Note: The testbed for all this still needs a few more people to chip in by sending at least $20 each via PayPal to linkingparents@gmail.com (refunds if we don’t meet the minimum).
Once we reach the goal, we’re setting up a seedbox-based media server, and documenting the whole thing so anyone else can do it!