I wanted to cover some of the details of the seedbox media server so we can all get excited about the possibilities.

The short:

When we have it set up, it will mean a ‘cloud server’ that automatically downloads the shows that you choose, and serves them to you on any device that supports Plex. This includes the RasPi.

You let me know which shows you watch, and the second a new episode gets online, we’ll make sure the file transfers properly, and is ready for you.

This means that you don’t have to use your home connection for downloading, don’t have to put the time in to hunting shows down or organizing, and don’t need anything more than a small device, a good screen, and an internet connection.

Of course, we’ll look at storing backlogs, and downloading an entire series if you want to check out something new.

The other fun bits that we’re thinking about:

The big reasons I personally want this instead of (or in addition to) Netflix/Other services are:

  • No need to wait for new episodes to hit Netflix (this can take months)
  • Video looks much better: With a small enough user base and the right home connection, it’s possible to watch shows in full-quality 720p, or even in some cases 1080p.
    We find Netflix to be blocky compared to a commonplace x264 served via Plex.
  • Killer Seedboxes can have 100Mbps or 1000Mbps speeds: that’s 6 seconds to download a 30min show in razor-sharp 720p,
  • It’s even possible to push out a notification, so that if you’re chomping at the bit to watch Walking Dead, but you’re not home; you know the minute it can be streamed in full quality from your iPhone to a friend’s AppleTV. (Or through your android device via HDMI).


And to Recap the deal:

If 15 people to send at least $20 each to linkingparents@gmail.com via paypal, we’ll set up a seedbox-based media server. If we don’t meet that number by January 21st, I’ll refund and focus on something else.


Here’s something else that sethmccumber and I have been working on:
Can you spot the console?


Cartridge-loaded SD cards are sooooo handy!